"In the jungles of Costa Rica, I discovered the power of combining movement and breath. Since then, I'm passionate about sharing that knowledge and helping others achieve their full potential." - Patrick Charron

Name: Patrick Charron
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Patrick’s life took a major direction change when he discovered Muay Thai in 2001. Martial arts led to meditation, which led to the powerful discovery of combining movement and breath to create a powerful state known as Flow.

In 2013, while living in Costa Rica, Patrick began to work on the FLŌ TRIBE project, wanting to share his own knowledge, while connecting with fellow knowledgists who shared his passion for movement, breath and positive change.

Striking/Muay Thai

“Not all movement styles are created equal. Martial Arts training awakens a primal part of the mind, in a way that very few things can.”

Patrick is a certified instructor in Muay Thai and MMA Striking. He also has experience in boxing,
Taekwondo and grappling arts.

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“I believe in using the body to empower and take control of the mind. The more intense and powerful the movement is, the greater the experience will be.”

Patrick has explored a variety of movement styles, including martial arts, parkour, yoga, primal movement and different sports. He often uses a blend of martial arts and functional fitness training to get the best results for his himself and his clients

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Breath Training

“We are neurochemical machines, and by combining movement and breath, we can take control of that machine are harness its full potential.”

Patrick will help you learn and integrate a FLŌ TRIBE Breath Training protocol into your training program to help you enhance your performance and achieve amazing results.

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