"I believe in helping people move. Not just for sport, or for entertainment, but for a better quality of life. Improve your fitness, improve your performance." - Max Powers

Name: Max Powers
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Instagram: @max5powers

Max began his movement career as a young athlete. His first sport was soccer, where he may have fouled one too many players. So he turned to football, where he quickly stood out for his athleticism and aggressive play.

But it was during a trip to Brazil when he discovered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which changed his perspective on movement in a profound way. Since then, Max has explored many movement styles, and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge to inspire others.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

“During a trip to Brazil, I discovered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It completely changed my outlook on sports, movement and performance.”

Max is a brown belt, and instructor, under Bruno Fernandes of the Gracie Barra school in Montreal, QC.

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“If you ask me what I do, I’ll tell you I teach people how to move. My passion is to help people move at their best, while feeling their best, whether it be for sport, for martial arts, or just to get through life.”

Max is certified in a variety of movement styles, specializing in Functional Training, Body Weight Training, High Intensity Interval Training and Primal Style Movement.

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Breath Training

“Breathing is life. Learning how to breathe enhances everything you do. It strengthens the Body, focuses the Mind, and connects you to the power of Spirit.”

Max will help you integrate a FLŌ TRIBE Breath Training protocol into your training program to help you enhance your performance and achieve amazing results.

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Max Videos

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