In 2001, I discovered Thai Boxing. First as a student, and eventually as a teacher. I had moved before, different sports growing up. But nothing like this. Why was this different? INTENSITY. This was different because it connected me to something powerful, something personal. This was PRIMAL.

I discovered this need to MOVE. This need to tap into the primal energy that it created. Not for “exercise”, not even to win or lose. I need it for my SPIRIT, to feel alive, to feel connected.


Through Thai Boxing I learned about Buddhism. Through Buddhism I learned about meditation. I tried a meditation class, but couldn’t get past the weirdness – Mantras, Chakras, and the overwhelming smell of incense. This wasn’t my world. And so I waited.

Science brought me back to it. The idea of taking control of the mind through breathing. Brain waves and neurochemistry, this was a language I spoke. And so my journey began.


I loved to MOVE for my BODY, and I loved to BREATHE for my MIND. But it wasn’t until they came together that my connection to SPIRIT was revealed. I ran up a mountain, then decided to stop and breathe. Sitting, in the forest, eyes closed, my lungs on fire. I forced the breath at first, it was harder than usual. But then it got deeper, and deeper, until I felt it. Click. The very first moment I connected to SPIRIT, the very first moment I BELIEVED.

That BELIEF has been driving me ever since.


Since I was a kid, anxiety has been there. As an adult, it was always there. Controlling me, hurting me, preventing me from doing what I wanted to do. It’s still there, trying to take control. But things are different now. I know how to fight back. I know that FLŌ is stronger than it, and so when it tries to enter my thoughts, to slow me down, I connect to FLŌ.

That’s what this entire journey has been about. I can talk about performance and achieving goals, but in the end, it’s about control. Fear, stress, anxiety, they are the greatest weapons against your success, against your happiness. Learn to take control of them, learn to tap into FLŌ.


I believe in the WARRIOR SPIRIT. This need to fight, for something greater than myself, for something positive, for change. I want to help others tap into their WARRIOR SPIRITS. Train them to take control of fear, stress and anxiety. And once they do? To create change. Change in their own lives. Then, in the lives of others, in the world. To come together as a TRIBE, a TRIBE of WARRIORS for positive change. A FLŌ TRIBE.

Learn how to connect movement and breath and discover your true potential.