The FIRST STEP to becoming a FLŌ TRIBE WARRIOR is to complete the 6 week WARRIOR FLŌ Training Program.



Fear, stress, anxiety, confidence, happiness, everything we feel and experience are based on neurochemical reactions. This program is designed to take control of those reactions.

Defining FLŌ

What we call FLŌ is a positive and powerful state, based on the science of Flow State, triggered by a combination of MOVEMENT and BREATH. FLŌ is how the WARRIOR takes control of the machine.

FLOW STATE: "A neurochemical cocktail, triggered by struggle or challenge, that increases focus, heightens senses, boosts creativity and improves overall performance."

*This is one definition of many. Flow is many things. We borrowed from the science behind it to explain our process and inspire positive change.


So how does it work? How do Movement and Breath combine to create FLŌ


Flow State is said to have two major stages: STRUGGLE and RELEASE.

FLŌ has two major stages: MOVE (the struggle) and BREATHE (the release)


Movement is the struggle you need to trigger the first neurochemical step to FLŌ.
Use your own workouts, or try one of ours.

*Pro athlete or beginner mover, doesn’t matter. What’s important are intention and intensity.


BREATH is The RELEASE. Harness the STRUGGLE created by MOVE, take control of the NEUROCHEMICAL MACHINE, and drive it into FLŌ.
We teach our WARRIORS how to BREATHE and when to BREATHE.

*In week 1, we’ll teach you all the science and technique you need to know to unleash your most powerful BREATH.


When you learn to combine MOVE and BREATHE, you connect with the power of FLŌ. It can make you stronger and help you achieve your goals. You can take control of FEAR and turn adversity into ACTION. But you have to work for it. It doesn’t come easy. We will be with you every step of the way.


Here’s what the WARRIOR FLŌ Training Program includes

  • A weekly protocol delivered to your inbox
  • Movement sessions to help with STEP 1
  • Breathing sessions to help with STEP 2
  • Short science lessons to increase your knowledge (because knowledge is power)
  • Journaling sessions to keep you on track
  • The support of the FLŌ TRIBE to make sure you succeed

If you have any questions, send us a MESSAGE and we will get back to you ASAP. If you want to learn more about Movement, Breathing, Science or Flow State, JOIN US and all your questions will be answered in the WARRIO FLŌ Training Program!

Join the FLŌ TRIBE and become a FLŌ WARRIOR